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There are still many people still believe very traditional business this is the square, a black appearance. In fact, this business to meet the needs of more people, in appearance, has a very big change, both the appearance and color value or business office can very good control. Here we recommend four parity this business, the four business at this business, there are color values are all very good.

Business, color values all have four-round laptops Recommended
The Dell Vostro Series 5 … 145 000
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Dreaming 5000 Dell laptops traveling light is the latest version of the cheap business, while maintaining a consistently high level of Dell’s business, appearance is also very good. The model has a matte gray metal rose gold era of two colors, the overall style is very aesthetic. Body surface exhibits a metallic color vision is not only to ensure the unity, is to enhance the feel of a huge.

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Business, color values all have four-round laptops Recommended
Dreaming 5000 Dell laptops lightly armed version

In addition to excellent appearance, the Dell 5000 laptops dreaming lightly armed version in terms of business property is to do the most. The model uses Intel has just released the latest seventh generation Core processor performance than the previous generation increased by 20%, while lower power consumption. And Intel HD620 integrated graphics performance of its onboard can be comparable to entry-level discrete graphics, while consuming less power.

Business, color values all have four-round laptops Recommended
Seventh Generation is equipped with the latest Intel Core Duo processor

“Double” design philosophy can best reflect the dreamer 5000 Dell laptops lightly armed version in terms of business success, the machine not only has a dual memory, dual hard drive, to achieve double gain speed and efficiency, but also has dual video jacks, double safety protection, not only to facilitate business office use, the greatest degree of protection of user data can still secure. This “double” design philosophy can be said to be the best interpretation of its business orientation.

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Product: T450 (20BVA02ACD) the ThinkPad laptops2 business classic ThinkPad T450
ThinkPad laptops stable and reliable brand image has been deeply rooted in classic black body design is more numerous fans affectionately known as “black.” ThinkPad business office in the field of “Big Brother” position enjoys popular support, if you need a strong performance of this business , ThinkPad T450 may be your first choice. Currently purchase ThinkPad product, at least 5000 by 300, the price is only 6199 yuan hand.

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Business, color values all have four-round laptops Recommended
ThinkPad T450

The ThinkPad T450 fuselage material is quite sufficient amount of light in weight while maintaining the rugged qualities, the keyboard area using the island-style design, feel always. Coupled with the classic Little Red Riding Hood, with thicker business style.

In the hardware configuration, T450 equipped with a 14nm process technology Intel Core i5 520U low-voltage dual-core processor, equipped with 500GB mechanical hard drive, and 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory speed. Graphics cards, the models use the entry alone significantly 940M graphics card, ideal for users who have a certain professional needs.

Black cutting-edge business representatives Thinkpad T450 Reviews
ThinkPad T450

The ThinkPad T450 inherited Founder classic black design elements at the same time, their own characteristics. Also whole body with matte coating layers, highlighting the high-end color business location, the screen can be fully opened horizontally 180 degrees, which is the black family has been characterized since. In the heat, the side of the fuselage design of a large number of thermal windows, floor outlet area just as great, there is a separate battery compartment, in a more simple while maintaining a consistent style.

Product: Spectre X360 13-w022tu (Z4K34PA) HP laptop3 stylish slim HP Spectre x360
Laptops increasingly thin, and this is a lot of computer manufacturers sought, and as the light of the market’s recent flurry of products, the HP Spectre x360 specter of deformation of the body can achieve 360-degree rotation, to achieve four different usage patterns, to meet the different Xpress operational requirements under living conditions. Rugged yet lightweight aluminum body with solid carved silver metal hinge, showing exquisite beauty of simplicity. Jingdong price of 7999 yuan.

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Business, color values all have four-round laptops Recommended
HP Spectre x360 variant of the Phantom

HP Spectre x360 ghost variant of the seventh generation with Intel ® Core processor, Kaby Lake architecture, the use of sophisticated 14-nanometer process, lower power consumption than the previous generation. Representing the sixth generation processor clocked significantly improved Turbo Boost speeds up to let 3.1GHz, more powerful performance in terms of high-speed multi-tasking or start large programs easier.

300nits high-brightness IPS display with a 72 percent color gamut coverage, high transmittance, when the sun still shine bright colors; FHD (1920×1080) configuration, the screen display is clear, enjoy the visual feast. Professional custom B & O sound, three-band equalizer, high resolving power. Configuration four speakers, and enjoy music surround. HP Spectre x360 ghost variant of the pre-installed Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016, can easily provide users with a better daily office experience.

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HP Spectre x360 variant of the Phantom

Machine metal body, light weight to 1.44kg, thin body to 13.79mm, to create a perception of light, easy to meet for business and carry out recreational needs. The light of both the eye-catching 360-degree turn, allow editing of the HP Spectre x360 variant of the Phantom exudes more precise and more stringent work requirements are more admired.

Product: Elegant XS-5Y71S2 Shenzhou laptop4 cutting-edge fashion Shenzhou elegant XS-5Y71S2
Shenzhou elegant XS-5Y71S2 continuation XS slim elegant style, is only 15.8mm thick at the most break 14-inch laptops record than Apple laptops thinner macbookair series 13.3-inch machine 1mm. Silver refining stylish and elegant white XS, placed in the hands thin fingertips. The machine uses Intel Core M-5Y71 processor upgrade 8G memory and SSDs 256GSSD system provides stable and smooth operation of compaction guarantee. Now Shenzhou Jingdong flagship store heat to promote only 4999 yuan.

Shenzhou elegant XS-5Y71S2 purchase link:

Business, color values all have four-round laptops Recommended
Shenzhou elegant XS-5Y71S2

Machine with silver aluminum sandblasting of very bright, cover with aluminum alloy material, and the center of the silver-white laser engraving LOGO complement each other, B side screen with IPS1920 * 1080 Full HD display, visual effects experience better. C face floating chocolate built-in keyboard, ergonomic design art school, a touch more convenient.

Shenzhou elegant XS-5Y71S2 no fan, the machine can be zero noise operation. Reasonable in structure and arrangement on the basis of the excellent heat transfer with the metal casing of combining faster cooling without affecting the user experience at the same time perfect. Considering the light of the books, the external interface to the practical, there are two USB3.0 interface, a DC-IN DC input, a miniHDMI port, a headphone jack, a multi-card reader, make work more convenient.

4999 purchase of the Shenzhou elegant XS upgrade 1mm thinner than Apple

Shenzhou elegant XS-5Y71S2 powered by Intel’s new low-power Five core-M processor 5Y71,14nm manufacturing process, with the HD5300 high-definition graphics, its power consumption is only 4.5W, has 4M cache rate. Configuration, 256GSSD solid state drive with M.2 / NGFF2242 specifications like new SSD products, SSD as C disk to install the system on the performance of the entire machine will have improved significantly.