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Sony Xperia XZ Hardware parameters

Xperia XZ contrast Xperia X Compact
Phone name Xperia XZ Xperia X Compact
CPU Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 Qualcomm Xiao Long 652
ROM 32GB support for expansion
screen 5.2 inches 1080p 424ppi 4.6 inches 720p 320ppi
camera Rear: 23 million pixels (F2.0)
Front: 13MP Rear: 23 million pixels (F2.0)
Front: 500 million pixels
system Android 6.0.1
size and weight 156 * 72 * 8.1 mm 161 g 129 * 65 * 9.5 mm 135 g
battery capacity 2900mAh support fast charge 2700mAh support fast charge
The internet Unicom 2/3 / 4G / 4G +, mobile 2 / 4G, Telecom 4G (need to debug)
Special feature IP65 / IP68, high resolution audio, fingerprint recognition High resolution audio, fingerprint recognition
Listing price unknown unknown
Xperia XZ equipped with a Qualcomm flagship Xiaolong 820 processor, 3GB RAM +32 GB ROM, the camera in the rear 23 million pixels / front 13 million pixel camera, built-in 2900mAh battery fast charge, while the Xperia X Compact configuration comparison Lower.

Designs: texture toxic, adding blue color version
In the design above, Xperia XZ and exposure before the picture is similar to the back of a large area with a metal material, different from the previous Xperia Z series has been used in the double glass panel design. Slightly curved edge of the screen, coupled with a narrow border design, so that the first look and feel like the early Nokia Lumia series somewhat similar.


However, this design is not the first time in the Xperia series models above, before the Xperia X and X Performance has seen this style, and metal fuselage can be said to be among the current trend of smart phones.

Sony Xperia XZ

Front cover 5.2 inch 1080P display, with the built-in X-Reality image rendering engine has a variety of display modes, colorful and moving effect.


Bottom with Type-C USB port, the machine supports Qnovo adaptation charging mode (quick charge is also supported), by monitoring and adjusting the charge current so that the battery can be more healthy functioning , and its service life extended to about twice the original (Maintenance procedures according to the user’s usual habits to control the current, in order to avoid over-charging), while the battery capacity of 2900mAh.

Sony Xperia XZ

Metal back design brings excellent feel, in addition to the classic funky phantom black and silver streamer, Xperia XZ Recently there is a popular blue – quiet blue . Phone also supports waterproof (protection level IP65 / IP68), fingerprint sensor power key located on the side, unlock faster.


Post-2300 megapixel camera is a big selling point of the Sony Xperia XZ, focusing on image sensor technology with a new triple ( Exmor for the RS Mobile image sensors, laser sensors and focus RGBC-IR sensor ).

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Camera performance: a breakthrough in the field of mobile imaging, black technology again struck
Sony Xperia XZ camera performance expectations, the machine claims to have Xperia’s best picture quality, from a number of aspects of the upgrade. Pre 13 million pixel camera (stack sensor, 22mm wide-angle), rear camera 23 million pixels (the stack sensor, 24mm wide-angle), has a new triple image sensor technology, respectively Exmor RS for mobile image sensor, laser AF sensor and RGBC-IR sensor .


Body built-in Sony’s original Exmor RS for mobile image sensor with predictive coke function, intelligent prediction and tracking of moving objects, and add laser focus to enhance the speed of photography. Sony Xperia XZ is also equipped with RGBC-IR sensor (color technology as the core), which can accurately adjust the white balance according to ambient light, color reproduction more accurate. On the other hand, in order to enhance the success rate of shooting video, the phone is also equipped with Smart Start mode SteadyShot function, supports five-axis image stabilization, but still in the stage of the electronic image stabilization .

Xperia XZ

Xperia XZ

Xperia XZ

Indoor environment which was taken, the sample still maintain a high purity, that control noise performance. In the white balance above the reduction of accurate comparison, which benefited from the revolutionary RGBC-IR sensor to join, the color performance is more natural.

Hardware performance: 3GB +3 GB configuration may allow domestic users regret
Sony Xperia XZ high-end Andrews models used among the common Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 processor, based on 14nm FinFET LPP process technology to create, built-in 4 * Kryo autonomous architecture core, the highest frequency up to 2.15GHz (two of the highest frequency core 1.6GHz), built-in Adreno 530 GPU, integrated X12 LTE baseband.

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Storage With the above, the Sony Xperia XZ hardware performance may focus on the domestic consumer disappointment, with 3GB RAM +32 GB ROM with the support of up to 256GB Micro SD card expansion.

to sum up

Well, if the netizens after reading the article, that Xiaobian is a cable on the wrong, but Xiao Bian childhood childhood life in the Sony empire as the boss of consumer electronics age, and now Sony products still have a different kind of awe . In fact, the Xperia XZ is not a surprise, but compared to other brands of Andrews models or even to design the iPhone family, Sony Xperia XZ is still a template for everyone to learn.


Surprise is the Sony Xperia XZ shooting performance in the top gives a lot of surprises, and even some of the first mobile phone imaging field (such as RGBC-IR sensor), the software also changed Sony’s style does not attach importance to join Learning-based features (Qnovo adaptive charging mode), perhaps Xperia XZ Sony mobile phone is an important step towards change it.