DOOV L9 mini Review

2016, for women smart phone brand is concerned, it can be said is the most active DOOV, not one; do almost every month there will be new rhythm, last month released a DOOV network red phone L9, In addition to upgrading the configuration, the function once again give us surprises, specifically for women, users have customized 9 core technology. Now, the new DOOV release again – L9 Mini , from the naming point of view, this is a mini version of L9; so this phone actually look like the product, then follow the author together might understand it.

DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer
DOOV L9 mini (entire network)
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DOOV L9 mini comprehensive evaluation: not only 13 million Self- loading weapon 13, look at the front that is a fruit, a look at the back … a little saw, not dead? ov high imitation series this phone now is how to stick to it funny it is a girl with a camera phone in front of iphone, back oppo ~~~~ So big even dare to call mini Self-praise women tell the truth ,, look really ugly photo effects also can ah feel and not what 699 is not the same as other equipment, to close down the market share it … could not see him. …
DOOV L9 Mini uses 5.0 inches of HD high-definition screen, powered by MediaTek MT6750 processor with 3GB of memory to run, 32GB body memory, up to 128GB of memory card expansion, front camera 13 million pixels, rear camera 13 million Pixel, with 2500mAh capacity battery, dual card dual standby, full Netcom, VoLTE HD video calls, pre-installed the latest YunOS 5.1.1 operating system.

DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer
DOOV L9 mini configuration parameters

DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer
DOOV L9 mini has a 5.0 inches of HD high-definition screen

In design terms, the DOOV L9 mini has a 5.0 inches of HD high-definition screen, covering 2.5D arc of glass, all-metal body, circular frame design, metal back shell after blasting process, through sophisticated technology anodic oxidation, CNC, C corner high light and other complex processes, metal texture full. Machine grip feel comfortable, better touch.


DOOV L9 mini front with 2.5D curved glass, curved glass curves and sleek curved body frame natural transition, making the phone comfortable grip. In addition, the front of the front of the front camera aperture and distance sensor hole unique design, compared to other products can be better identified.



The back is still the continuation of the current popular three-stage metal body design, the middle of the metal aluminum alloy material, the upper and lower end of the plastic material to ensure the overflow of the signal, plastic and metal at the convergence of high-T slot decorated; Sandblasting process, after a sophisticated anode technology, oxidation, CNC, C angle high light and other complex processes, whether it is perception or feel on the metal texture is very good.


3.5mm headphone jack is designed at the top, USB interface, the speaker is designed at the bottom of the left side of the box to accommodate the dual nano-SIM card slot, power supply button and power button design in the right side, SIM card slot also supports microSD card, support mobile, Unicom, Telecom, the three operators to support the whole Netcom, also supports VoLTE HD voice and video calls.

Product: L9 Mini (entire network) DOOV phone2 Yunos blessing 9 big body care focused SCIENCE
DOOV L9 mini preinstalled on YunOS 5.1.1 operating system, the system home page has two kinds of flat and card interface style, more stylish, fully demonstrates YunOS skills in landscaping. Icons to rectangular rounded icon-based, folder design for the translucent, color selection tends to female users favorite warm color, with a variety of colors with fresh yet gorgeous. It is worth mentioning that the DOOV L9 . 9 attracted large science and technology mini continuation of L9.

DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer
Lock screen interface, the main interface, pull-down interface


WeChat more to function, surely we are not unfamiliar; but eight micro-channel running simultaneously, many users must not have seen; DOOV L9 mini can support up to 8 micro-channel running simultaneously; hold the WeChat icon top right corner of the screen will appear “cloned “, The WeChat application drag to the upper right corner of the” avatar “, release the finger on the desktop to generate a new WeChat application, regardless of which WeChat avatar can bring new WeChat application. The new WeChat application is not a plug-in split, have separate data processing space, do not interfere with each other.

DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer
“Go to function” interface

DOOV L9 mini also comes with a “for fun” feature, which will be integrated virtual calls “and” go to smart power “function together, there are times when we are in an awkward situation, but there is no good reason to get out, it is really hard to deal with , but if your phone has this feature to fun, you’ll never encounter this embarrassing to interest can take you out of this situation. in addition to virtual calls as well as intelligent and outgoing, you can call in advance design Time, content, etc., to effectively forget to forget important phone calls, blessings and so on.

DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer
“Any door” to where to

Virtual positioning this feature has been gradually being smart phone manufacturers to carry their own mobile phone products, DOOV L9 this time with the same function; in the system has a “door arbitrary” APP, where not only the location of virtual domestic locations, but also you can position themselves in a foreign country, such as New York and other cities, in operation, open “any door” – Select city – click “through to here” – and then launch the appropriate application to, such as micro-channel, microblogging, street street , etc. .

DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer
Duo sauce, personal assistant +, gesture somatosensory

Of course, the DOOV L9 mini ‘s features more than that, there are flowers sauce, mute to find mobile phones, personal assistants +, multi-screen quickly organize, beauty alarm clock and other functions, in addition, the DOOV L9 mini supports fingerprint recognition, face recognition bis From the security, it is worth mentioning that, in which the fastest fingerprint recognition 0.2 seconds fast screen unlock. Thus, the DOOV L9 mini in the system functional level foot work.

Product: L9 Mini (entire network) DOOV phone3 Shuang 13 million pixel camera configuration gameplay to new heights
DOOV L9 mini in the camera continue to follow L9 high pixel camera specifications, front camera 13 million pixels, f / 2.2 large aperture; rear camera is also a 13 million pixels, with f / 2.2 large aperture, support PDAF phase focusing . In addition, the DOOV L9 Mini built-in mirror cam4.0, high sharp US Yan Jicheng algorithm, the effect of natural beauty as ever.



Function camera DOOV L9 mini is very rich, in addition to the standard mode, as well as beauty, identification, Night Scene, Sports, bokeh, GIF CS, watermarks, fun tune modes to choose pictures, in addition to 8 filter Mirror effect optional. The beauty model includes three major preview texture beauty: “face-lift, softening, skin tone whitening,” 7 large image Charm effects: smart blush, eyes brighten, eyes, lip gloss expansion efficiency, Remove eye bags, freckle; there are three levels of beauty level, to match the different colors.


In addition, the DOOV L9 mini also comes with a fun tune, GIF burst, self-timer adorable body, watermarks and other common camera camera, also equipped with a 3D Beauty, Camera Fun, Fun measured age and other features, so you spare time I can completely pass the camera to pass the time.

Next, we look at the “effects proofs” and real proofs, all proofs are original upload.

DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer
Fun and aging function




From the sample, the DOOV L9 mini in resolving power, white balance, color reproduction show the proper level; in macro terms, thanks to a large aperture bokeh obvious; In addition, since the multi-play is highly recommended .

Product: L9 Mini (entire network) DOOV phone4 performance to meet the needs of women with moderate endurance can use
Performance configuration, the DOOV L9 mini processor selects a new MediaTek SOC – MTK MT6750 eight-core processor, clocked at 1.5GHz, has 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM combination of memory, up to 128GB memory card expansion, GPU integration aspects The Mali-T860 from ARM.

DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer
DOOV L9 Mini equipped with MT6750 processor

DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer
DOOV L9 mini performance table

MT6750 using eight core design, based on 28nm HPM process technology to build, built-in 1.5GHz 4xA53 + 1.0GHz 4xA53 core, GPU area for the T860mp2 (350MHz). Support for LPDDR3 memory. The network support is Fengyun SoC bright spot, MT6750 integrates the entire network Cat 6 baseband downlink support 2x20MHz dual carrier aggregation, theoretical rate up / down: 50 / 300Mbps, up to 4GB of LPDDR3 memory, the camera supports up to 16 million pixels , 1080p @ 30FPS video capture.

DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer
DOOV L9 mini run sub-score

Ann Bunny integrated to run sub-score of 37764. Geekbench 3.0 main study CPU and memory system computing power, Geekbench single-core score 649, multi-core score 2033.3D Mark selected Ice Storm Unlimited scene as a test basis, score of 7462. Test results, in line with the performance of the CPU to meet the daily needs of female users completely mention. In addition, the DOOV L9 mini equipped with 3GB memory the Grand Canal, which for the program to open and smooth system has an important role to help.

DOOV L9 mini full evaluation: not only 13 million self-timer
DOOV L9 mini endurance test

Life, the DOOV L9 mini powered by 2500mAh battery, then its endurance test. In charge of 100% when we launched the phone , insert the SIM card ensures that the signal flow, turn on WiFi and links to local area networks, turn screen rotation switch, do not start the GPS and Bluetooth module, the screen brightness modulation test phone medium brightness [turn off the automatic brightness adjustment] , Adjust the volume of one-third. 10 minutes of microblogging, a set of US drama [1080P 49 minutes], call 15 minutes, shooting 20 photos, playing games for 15 minutes [royal war], music client off the screen to listen to six online music, record each The amount of electricity consumed and the final remaining capacity in a usage scenario.

From the test results, the DOOV L9 mini at all after ZOL phone standard battery life test results were good; a comprehensive view of the entire endurance test for moderate female users, the DOOV L9 can deal with a day of use.

Evaluation summary

Through this evaluation, the DOOV L9 mini still continues the high standards of design L9, the appearance of simple but not simple, rounded appearance also brings excellent grip handle; in terms of functionality, nine science and technology focused blessing, to make your day Commonly used machine is no longer monotonous, at the same time also make life more intelligent. In the configuration, the Duo L9 equipped with 8-core processor, 3GB storage, for female friends to use, do not have to worry about performance is not enough. All in all, a female friend at the time of purchase, may wish to consider the first DOOV L9 Mini

Hot Business laptops

There are still many people still believe very traditional business this is the square, a black appearance. In fact, this business to meet the needs of more people, in appearance, has a very big change, both the appearance and color value or business office can very good control. Here we recommend four parity this business, the four business at this business, there are color values are all very good.

Business, color values all have four-round laptops Recommended
The Dell Vostro Series 5 … 145 000
Product Review | Pictures (1) | Parameter | Quote | Comments (1) dealers offer 4454 Yuan
Buy Now >> The Dell Vostro 145 000 Series 5468 (VOSTRO 14-5468D-130. ..

Dreaming 5000 Dell laptops traveling light is the latest version of the cheap business, while maintaining a consistently high level of Dell’s business, appearance is also very good. The model has a matte gray metal rose gold era of two colors, the overall style is very aesthetic. Body surface exhibits a metallic color vision is not only to ensure the unity, is to enhance the feel of a huge.

Dreaming 5000 Dell laptops lightly armed version later link:

Business, color values all have four-round laptops Recommended
Dreaming 5000 Dell laptops lightly armed version

In addition to excellent appearance, the Dell 5000 laptops dreaming lightly armed version in terms of business property is to do the most. The model uses Intel has just released the latest seventh generation Core processor performance than the previous generation increased by 20%, while lower power consumption. And Intel HD620 integrated graphics performance of its onboard can be comparable to entry-level discrete graphics, while consuming less power.

Business, color values all have four-round laptops Recommended
Seventh Generation is equipped with the latest Intel Core Duo processor

“Double” design philosophy can best reflect the dreamer 5000 Dell laptops lightly armed version in terms of business success, the machine not only has a dual memory, dual hard drive, to achieve double gain speed and efficiency, but also has dual video jacks, double safety protection, not only to facilitate business office use, the greatest degree of protection of user data can still secure. This “double” design philosophy can be said to be the best interpretation of its business orientation.

Dreaming 5000 Dell laptops lightly armed version later link:

Product: T450 (20BVA02ACD) the ThinkPad laptops2 business classic ThinkPad T450
ThinkPad laptops stable and reliable brand image has been deeply rooted in classic black body design is more numerous fans affectionately known as “black.” ThinkPad business office in the field of “Big Brother” position enjoys popular support, if you need a strong performance of this business , ThinkPad T450 may be your first choice. Currently purchase ThinkPad product, at least 5000 by 300, the price is only 6199 yuan hand.

The ThinkPad T450 (20BVA02ACD) Jingdong purchase link:

Business, color values all have four-round laptops Recommended
ThinkPad T450

The ThinkPad T450 fuselage material is quite sufficient amount of light in weight while maintaining the rugged qualities, the keyboard area using the island-style design, feel always. Coupled with the classic Little Red Riding Hood, with thicker business style.

In the hardware configuration, T450 equipped with a 14nm process technology Intel Core i5 520U low-voltage dual-core processor, equipped with 500GB mechanical hard drive, and 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory speed. Graphics cards, the models use the entry alone significantly 940M graphics card, ideal for users who have a certain professional needs.

Black cutting-edge business representatives Thinkpad T450 Reviews
ThinkPad T450

The ThinkPad T450 inherited Founder classic black design elements at the same time, their own characteristics. Also whole body with matte coating layers, highlighting the high-end color business location, the screen can be fully opened horizontally 180 degrees, which is the black family has been characterized since. In the heat, the side of the fuselage design of a large number of thermal windows, floor outlet area just as great, there is a separate battery compartment, in a more simple while maintaining a consistent style.

Product: Spectre X360 13-w022tu (Z4K34PA) HP laptop3 stylish slim HP Spectre x360
Laptops increasingly thin, and this is a lot of computer manufacturers sought, and as the light of the market’s recent flurry of products, the HP Spectre x360 specter of deformation of the body can achieve 360-degree rotation, to achieve four different usage patterns, to meet the different Xpress operational requirements under living conditions. Rugged yet lightweight aluminum body with solid carved silver metal hinge, showing exquisite beauty of simplicity. Jingdong price of 7999 yuan.

HP Spectre x360 ghost variant of the purchase link:

Business, color values all have four-round laptops Recommended
HP Spectre x360 variant of the Phantom

HP Spectre x360 ghost variant of the seventh generation with Intel ® Core processor, Kaby Lake architecture, the use of sophisticated 14-nanometer process, lower power consumption than the previous generation. Representing the sixth generation processor clocked significantly improved Turbo Boost speeds up to let 3.1GHz, more powerful performance in terms of high-speed multi-tasking or start large programs easier.

300nits high-brightness IPS display with a 72 percent color gamut coverage, high transmittance, when the sun still shine bright colors; FHD (1920×1080) configuration, the screen display is clear, enjoy the visual feast. Professional custom B & O sound, three-band equalizer, high resolving power. Configuration four speakers, and enjoy music surround. HP Spectre x360 ghost variant of the pre-installed Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016, can easily provide users with a better daily office experience.

Micro-border shopping guide
HP Spectre x360 variant of the Phantom

Machine metal body, light weight to 1.44kg, thin body to 13.79mm, to create a perception of light, easy to meet for business and carry out recreational needs. The light of both the eye-catching 360-degree turn, allow editing of the HP Spectre x360 variant of the Phantom exudes more precise and more stringent work requirements are more admired.

Product: Elegant XS-5Y71S2 Shenzhou laptop4 cutting-edge fashion Shenzhou elegant XS-5Y71S2
Shenzhou elegant XS-5Y71S2 continuation XS slim elegant style, is only 15.8mm thick at the most break 14-inch laptops record than Apple laptops thinner macbookair series 13.3-inch machine 1mm. Silver refining stylish and elegant white XS, placed in the hands thin fingertips. The machine uses Intel Core M-5Y71 processor upgrade 8G memory and SSDs 256GSSD system provides stable and smooth operation of compaction guarantee. Now Shenzhou Jingdong flagship store heat to promote only 4999 yuan.

Shenzhou elegant XS-5Y71S2 purchase link:

Business, color values all have four-round laptops Recommended
Shenzhou elegant XS-5Y71S2

Machine with silver aluminum sandblasting of very bright, cover with aluminum alloy material, and the center of the silver-white laser engraving LOGO complement each other, B side screen with IPS1920 * 1080 Full HD display, visual effects experience better. C face floating chocolate built-in keyboard, ergonomic design art school, a touch more convenient.

Shenzhou elegant XS-5Y71S2 no fan, the machine can be zero noise operation. Reasonable in structure and arrangement on the basis of the excellent heat transfer with the metal casing of combining faster cooling without affecting the user experience at the same time perfect. Considering the light of the books, the external interface to the practical, there are two USB3.0 interface, a DC-IN DC input, a miniHDMI port, a headphone jack, a multi-card reader, make work more convenient.

4999 purchase of the Shenzhou elegant XS upgrade 1mm thinner than Apple

Shenzhou elegant XS-5Y71S2 powered by Intel’s new low-power Five core-M processor 5Y71,14nm manufacturing process, with the HD5300 high-definition graphics, its power consumption is only 4.5W, has 4M cache rate. Configuration, 256GSSD solid state drive with M.2 / NGFF2242 specifications like new SSD products, SSD as C disk to install the system on the performance of the entire machine will have improved significantly.

iGame1070 Snake Graphics Card Review

Game and graphics card development has always been closely linked and promote each other, to the “gaming” entered our field of vision, when there have been hardware manufacturers and gaming clan mutual cooperation relations, as in the adidas Soccer team, YONEX of the badminton team, the first form of gaming industry cooperation is the brand naming power competition team, product packaging printed on the power competition team name, marked “XX clan designated products”; Gigabyte and Wong Sky, Sky’s ID is WE.GIGABYTE.Sky, to increase brand exposure. But today, between them has been developed to further influence the relationship, for example, this card – Colorful iGame1070 flames Ares X Snake customized version .


Customized products for the Snake clan are not just stickers


Piece Colorful iGame1070 flames Ares X Snake customized version is based on the original iGame1070 flames Ares X PCB board, completely redesigned shape and material from the radiator, the appearance is really very good, silver tone, three-fan thermal design, the middle Fan iGame color LOGO, both sides of the fan is Snake clan LOGO, the most special is the middle fan of the frame, and gold gear-like very engaging.


LOL, keep watch avant-garde game enthusiasts should be very familiar with this clan, and they do not do too much of the introduction.

Although this customization will not have an immediate impact on graphics performance, but for the electric athletes, he can feel the “boss” on their own attention and recognition in the game will be more focused and investment. (I know some people will say that this does not make sense, but Imagine, you play football on a wide field when wearing a genuine Barcelona jersey and wearing an ordinary white sports T shirt to sweat, I feel really no difference ?)



Colorful iGame1070 flames Ares X TOP Snake customized version of the Specification Comparison
Graphics card IGame1070 Snake Custom Edition NVIDIA GTX1070
Core code GP104 GP104
Number of transistors 7.2 billion 7.2 billion
Craftsmanship 16nm 16nm
Stream processor 1920 1920
Texture unit 160 160
ROPs 64 64
Memory capacity 8GB 8GB
Memory interface 256Bit 256Bit
Core frequency 1658-1860 MHz 1506-1683 MHz
Memory frequency 8008 MHz 8008 MHz
External power supply 8 + 8Pin 8Pin
Because the vast majority of parameters are the core decision, the manufacturer can do only the core frequency and memory frequency, the core frequency, this piece of Snake custom version frequency slightly higher than the original Flame Ares X (1607-1797), can Colorful Although the original use of the PCB board, but also non-static, or do the tuning tuning.

JD quoted at 3,999 yuan, much higher than the flames of God X 3299 yuan, limited to 200, like the limited edition custom star shoes? In fact, people are more and more able to accept when the gaming, some of the top hardware manufacturers will be the status of development as today’s sports equipment brand, and perhaps five years, ten years after the players can see the store Berserk limited edition hardware, peripherals of the scene.

2 Dismantling: Luxury upgrade radiator
● dismantling: radiator luxury upgrade

IGame 1070 Snake
Start dismantling

IGame 1070 Snake
Remove the heat sink

IGame 1070 Snake IGame 1070 Snake
heat sink

IGame1070 Snake customized version of the radiator material is very luxurious, straight copper & four very thick copper heat pipe, also rare in the GTX1070 rival, this part of the material is more than the original Flame Ares X upgrade a lot, so only To lift to a higher frequency of emboldened. And according to the size of this cooling, the cooling effect will be very good.

IGame 1070 Snake
PCB board positive

And Flame Ares X is the same piece of PCB board, is lengthened PCB board, IPP inductor layout is quite neat, one side of the IGAME faith lamp. In fact, and GTX1080 is the same PCB board and materials, the difference is the core and memory.


Graphics with 8 +2 phase IPP digital power supply program. Self-developed IPP (iGame Pure Power) to pure power inductors. One-piece construction, shielding shell and inductor core link, with the same size under the lowest DC impedance, up to 5MHz application frequency, high electronic impedance, ultra-low operating temperature and lower EMI electromagnetic interference characteristics.


Graphics work, the graphics card on the front of the light will be on, you can adjust the color through the corresponding software iGame.


GP-104 core surrounded by 8 1GB of memory, composed of a total of 8GB memory / 256bit bit wide, is the largest memory capacity of one of the game cards, large memory capacity in the game when running high-resolution and more easily.

IGame 1070 Snake
Magnesium light memory chip

Found a little flames of war with God X different places, the memory from the Samsung into a magnesium light, but the same frequency, the performance is no different.

3 Properties Found: small public version
● Description of the test platform:

Hardware platform
CPU Intel i7-6700K
Motherboard Gigabyte Z170 motherboard
RAM A-DATA XPG Veyron DDR4-2400MHz 8Gx2
hard disk DATA just SP550 480GB
power supply Zhenhua iceberg Kingdee 1300W
Graphics card
Colorful iGame 1070 flame wars X Snake customized version of
the NVIDIA GTX 1080
the NVIDIA 1070 GTX
the NVIDIA 1060 GTX
the AMD RX480
software platform
operating system Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Graphics driver The GeForce 376.19 the NVIDIA
the AMD Crimson Edition 16.12.1
Platform Description: testing platform uses consumer-grade platform Z170 + 6700K top with this test a total of selected 5 graphics comparison test, namely the AMD RX480, the NVIDIA GTX1080 / 1070/1060 , driver side of the AMD Crimson Edition and the NVIDIA ForceWare 376.19 WHQL.

● 3DMark theory test:

Running graphics or the old rules, a start and look 3DMARK theoretical results, including three, Time Spy, Ultra, Extreme . Yes, the following are a key to accelerate the results after! In order to form a concise, abbreviated as iGame1070 Snake, by the way Tucao about this long name.



The results are not surprising, slightly higher than the public version of GTX1070, under the GTX1080, which is the generation of all non-public version of GTX1070 escape the outcome, because the old yellow BOOST 3.0 has all the same core graphics Performance on the differences reduced to negligible, so we pick a 10 series graphics card, the more from the brand, appearance, cooling, warranty point of view to consider slightly, which has said many times, and No longer winded.

● game performance measured:

Game testing

1070 Snake

1070 Snake

Game testing

1070 Snake

1070 Snake

Game testing

1070 Snake


Game Test Summary: iGame1070 Snake customized version of the performance slightly stronger than the public version of the GTX1070, basically every game has several frames of the upgrade, but the greater significance of non-public products is the cooling and mute effect. And this customized version of the card is also more of a custom meaning, and finally a simple comment on comments.

4 temperature noise control are praised
● Platform power test:


Power Test Summary: Due to PCB shared with iGame1070 flame wars X, its former power and performance equivalent to or even higher than GTX1080, but for such 8 + 8Pin 8 + 2 phase power supply and powered stacker luxury products, It is normal.

● Full load temperature test:


Measured after full load temperature is only 66 ℃, and the radiator speed is still relatively low, indicating that this ultra-luxurious custom radiator effect is still very obvious, the temperature control in the non-public version of GTX1070 are first-class level.

● Full load noise test:


Just also tested, this card is not loaded with high temperature, so the fan speed has been at a low speed, so the noise is only 44.5 dB, is better controlled, and praise.

About Noise:
0-20 dB: very quiet, almost feel; 20-40 dB: Quiet, like a whisper softly; 40-60 dB: ordinary indoor conversation; 60-70 decibels: noisy: lossy nerve; 70– 90 dB: very noisy, nerve cells are destroyed. 90 -100 dB: increased noise, hearing loss; 100 -120 dB: intolerable, stay a minute that is temporary deafness. 120 dB or more: extreme deafness or deafness; 300 dB or more: a radius of 20km of irreparable deafness.
5 PConline evaluation room summary
● PConline graphics ladder Figure:


Because all aspects are stronger than the public version of the GTX1070, but not reach the location of GTX1080, so in between.

PConline evaluation room summary:

IGame 1070 Snake

In fact, this piece of iGame1070 Snake customized version of the graphics performance, temperature control is relatively good, and do not want to evaluate too much in these two aspects, but the Beastmaster that its greater significance lies in the real embodiment of the Rainbow iGame series of ideas – Player customization. Snake clan power player as the most outstanding “players” (not to mention the level of this team in the industry performance, but since they can become professional players, their level must be in the majority of players in the top 1% of the position) , So they “equipment” is certainly higher than the requirements of ordinary players, as Lin Dan on the racket requirements, to meet the needs of high-intensity use of professional players, then this card will be able to meet the needs of the vast majority of ordinary players .

Say the meaning of the Rainbow, the current graphics market is very easy to encounter homogeneity of the problem, because the core of the things we are the same, are determined by the core, although the core is also divided into many Step, the higher the limit Step The higher the frequency, the higher the cost, but the performance gap has not been so obvious before the 9 series. Performance of this road has been bad to go, the manufacturers in order to “homogenization” of the quagmire to get out, we must find their own way, Colorful “player custom” is one of them.

IGame 1070 Snake

Just as Manchester United fans are willing to go to the Manchester Stadium to spend high price to buy genuine jerseys, power competition team if you can play good results in the league, circle to a big wave of fans, then the signing of the brand hardware manufacturers can also enjoy this wave of fans economy, Custom products will have its market, there will be willing to pay for its premium fans of the user. And just, this team can be regarded as a Rainbow Snake Bao Bao in the treasure, the most recent period is said to have very good results, has become a very popular clan, fan groups can not be overlooked.

Beastmaster that the Rainbow adhere to this road is right, and now may not have a clear return, but with the “gaming” is gradually being accepted as the traditional sports, the market returns will be very impressive.

Best Laptop for Graphic Designer

To do graphic design work, so the clarity of the screen must be guaranteed, clear picture quality and color accuracy is the basis for design work. Secondly, the processor and memory also have certain requirements, many design software such as PS, requires a scratch disk, its size is at least the maximum image size to be processed three to five times. Many, such as Premiere or Adobe Illustrator also need a higher performance of the books in order to control. If you need to do 3D rendering designers need more powerful performance desktops to help work, the Laptop may become slightly difficult. Kaka today selected four Laptops, designers look over, have intended to purchase the designers can refer to Oh!

Recommended products: ASUS UX501JW
basic configurations: the Intel Core i7 -4720HQ / 16GB / 1000,128, / 256 / 512GB / the Intel Iris Pro 5200/3840 × 2160/1920 × 1080 / the NVIDIA the GeForce GTX 960M
Price: New Products

UX series is ASUS Laptop main thin, high-end product line. Today’s first recommended to the designers of the books is the ASUS UX501JW, this new listing in 2015 Laptop continues this series of higher configuration and performance level, but also in appearance to spend a lot of thought, elegant and stylish appearance But also very suitable for designers to use.

ASUS UX501JW picture evaluation forum quotes

ASUS UX501JW continuation of the Asus classic concentric design patterns, but also different from the previous mold, intuitive is not difficult to find, ASUS UX501JW more light, all-metal texture of the silver-white body is very textured. From the side, and Apple’s MBP somewhat similar, slim is very tight. ASUS Logo in the center, and rounded edges combined concentric revealing graceful gentle temperament. Drawing process is not easy to contaminate fingerprints, daily care is also very convenient.


ASUS UX501JW there are two specifications of the screen to choose from, up to 4k ultra-high-definition rate, there is a specification is 1920 × 1080 full HD display, designers can choose according to their needs. No obvious color cast under each perspective and sensitive to changes, ideal for everyday design work, and 15.6 inches of screen designers can bring very good display. ASUS UX501JW matte screen to ensure that even in the case of direct sunlight can still carry out the design work.


Keyboard, although the designer does not need a lot of text input, but the shortcut keys often require the use of the Laptop also requires a good keyboard with. ASUS UX501 is equipped with a silver-white chocolate keyboard, key spacing reasonable layout, large-size fuselage blessing, this Laptop configuration of the perfect keypad to facilitate the daily use. Many designers in the night is easy to inspire at first glance, so the backlit keyboard is essential, ASUS UX501 naturally did not disappoint us.


Interface, the ASUS UX501 although there are 15.6 -inch body but may for brevity visual sense, and not particularly rich interface design, but still enough for everyday use. Fuselage on the left has a power connector, mini DP video interface, HDMI video interface and USB3.0 data interface; on the right side of the fuselage, which is two USB3.0 data interface, an SD card reader , and plug the headset public hole.


ASUS UX501 in the configuration is still very bright spot, the processor uses Intel Core i7 -4720HQ, clocked at 2.6GHz, run design software is no pressure, in addition equipped with a single significant capacity 4G graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M. 8GB of large-capacity memory with 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD hard drive combination, a good meet the daily needs of the designers.

PConline portfolio – Specifications
Brand ASUS
model UX501JW
processor Intel Core i7-4720HQ (2.6GHz / L3 6M)
Memory Capacity 16GB, / 8GB
Hard drive capacity 1000, 128, / 256/512 GB
Optical drive type No optical drive
screen size 15.6 inches
Graphics chip NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M
Wireless communication 802.11b / g / n wireless card, Bluetooth 4.0
USB Built-in USB interface
Card reader Built-in
Other interfaces HDMI interface, headphone / microphone jack, DC power jack
operating system Windows 8.1
Product Links Http://
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Comments: Since it is a Laptop used by designers, aside performance is not the first to say decent shape, this exquisite ASUS UX501 will not give designers fell face child. In addition to strong processors and graphics cards for designers to design their daily work has become a capability, if you are interested in a large screen designers, you can consider starting this Laptop.

Product Overview Asustek (ASUS) | ASUS UX501 series | More Laptop
Asus UX501JW4720 (8GB / 1TB / SSD)
ASUS UX501JW4720 (8GB / 1TB / SSD)
Operating system: the Windows 8.1 Processor: the Intel Core i7-4720HQ (2.6GHz / 6M L3)
Memory capacity: 8GB Hard drive capacity: 1000 , 128GB
Screen size: 15.6 inches Resolution: 1920 × 1080
User Rating: 4.4 parameters offer pictures reviews Reviews Forum Dealer
The name of the mall Commodity quotation Product configuration buy
Suning Online Market ¥ 6888
ASUS (UX) UX501JW4720 15.6-inch thin and light business metal HD games The I7 8G 128G solid state + 1T 4G alone significantly
To buy >>
Amazon ¥ 8888
Asus / ASUS UX501JW4720-1B8AXA54X20 15-inch unparalleled light of the metal wire drawing shell (i7-4720HQ 8G memory 128G solid state + 1TB mechanical hard drive dual hard drive GTX960 DDR5 4G alone was)
To buy >>
Jingdong Mall ¥ 9599
ASUS (ASUS) UX501JW4720 15.6-inch Laptop I7-4720H 8G memory +128 GSSD
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Online shopping parity ¥ 6799 – ¥ 10999 total 46 electricity providers offer See all parity information

2 Lenovo ThinkPad S3 Yoga 20DM000RCD
Recommended products: Lenovo the ThinkPad S3 Yoga 20DM000RCD
hardware configurations: the Intel Core i5 -4210U / 4GB / 500,16GB / the NVIDIA the GeForce 840m, + the Intel HD 4400
reference price: 6999 yuan

Select Lenovo the ThinkPad S3 Yoga 20DM000RCD hardware configuration or start angle to consider, first of all can be the perfect support for designers of software, followed by this series of books followed YOGA 360-degree flip design. This design is still very practical for the designers, such as the tent model can be very good to others to show their design draft, we take a look at this Laptop it.

ThinkPad S3 Yoga
Lenovo ThinkPad S3 Yoga 20DM000RCD picture series evaluation forum offer net acquisition cost

Designer Laptop of course, good-looking enough for the job, it is Lenovo the ThinkPad S3 Yoga has simple, sharp lines. The machine uses a metal material, the top surface with a matte process, not easy to use to leave fingerprints, easy to clean. Top of the ThinkPad Logo and the red breathing light has reservations, Think consistent business design has also been reflected most vividly.

ThinkPad S3 Yoga

Screen, the Lenovo ThinkPad S3 Yoga is also unambiguous, a FHD wide gamut IPS screen can bring designers a very clear picture quality, while the IPS screen color saturation, color performance is accurate. S3 Yoga resolution of 1920 × 1080, while using the OGS fully bonded glass, support for touch sensitive. 360-degree flip technology with touch screen practical and convenient.

ThinkPad S3 Yoga

Lenovo ThinkPad S3 Yoga equipped with a breathing keyboard can be lifted, the key process and moderate resilience, a good percussion. When the screen is opened 180 degrees, each keycap has been physically locked, to eliminate the wrong press, friction and other damage. The keyboard is equipped with a ThinkPad classic red dot, the user in the mobile office, you can remove the trouble with the mouse. The touchpad is large enough to support multiple gestures.

ThinkPad S3 Yoga

Interface, the right side of the fuselage is equipped with a HDMI video interface, two USB3.0 interfaces, gravity sensor screen lock button, volume buttons and the power button on the left side of the fuselage ThinkPad S3 Yoga equipped with a One Link Interface (Port Replicator Interface), can be charged USB 2.0 interface, headphone / microphone combo interface, and card reader interface. Rich interface design, designers can connect the daily completion.

ThinkPad S3 Yoga

Lenovo ThinkPad S3 Yoga configuration is fairly good, with an Intel Core i5-4210U processor, 4GB of memory, large capacity of 500GB mechanical hard drive + 16GB solid state drive for storage and the designer’s daily operation to provide a reliable guarantee, graphics cards Using Intel HD 4400 + NVIDIA GeForce 840M alone was equipped with 2GB memory.

ThinkPad S3 Yoga

PConline portfolio – Specifications
Brand Lenovo ThinkPad
series Lenovo ThinkPad S3 Yoga series
model S3 Yoga 20DM000RCD
processor Intel Core i5-4210U (1.7GHz / L3 3M)
Memory Capacity 4GB
Hard drive capacity 500,16GB
Optical drive type No optical drive
screen size 14 inches
Graphics chip NVIDIA GeForce 840M, + Intel HD 4400
Wireless communication 802.11b / g / n wireless card, Bluetooth 4.0
USB 3 USB3.0
Card reader Four in one card reader
Other interfaces HDMI connector, headphone / microphone jack, DC power jack, Lenovo Onelink docking connector
weight About 1.9 kg
operating system Windows 8.1
Product Links Http://
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IT Mall Net purchase cost
More details Photos quotation parameters Compare User Reviews evaluation Quote
Comments: I believe that many designers after reading Lenovo ThinkPad S3 Yoga are very pleasing to its 360-degree flip design, this is indeed one of the highlights of this model, both in the design work, the design can still display Bring a good sense of experience. Think series of books has been known for black, this silver ThinkPad is a rare, more fitting designer fashion temperament, I believe it will not let you down the performance.

Product Overview Lenovo the ThinkPad | Lenovo ThinkPad S3 Yoga series | More Laptop
Lenovo ThinkPad S3 Yoga 20DM000RCD
Lenovo ThinkPad S3 Yoga 20DM000RCD
Operating system: the Windows 8.1 Processor: the Intel Core i5-4210U (1.7GHz / L3 3M)
Memory Capacity: 4GB Hard drive capacity: 500 , 16GB
Screen Size: 14 inches Resolution: 1920 × 1080
User Rating: 3.7 parameters offer pictures reviews Reviews Forum Dealer
The name of the mall Commodity quotation Product configuration buy
Amazon ¥ 6950
ThinkPad S5 Yoga-20DQ002-RCD 15.6-inch ultra-pole of this (i5-5200U 4G 500G +8 G 2G alone was FHD flip touch screen Win8) meteorite silver
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Online shopping parity ¥ 5655 – ¥ 8999 a total of 17 electricity providers offer See all parity information

3 Dell XPS 15 (XPS15D-6828T)
Recommended products: Dell XPS 15 (XPS15D-6828T)
Hardware configuration: the Intel Core i7 -4702HQ / 16GB / 512GB / the NVIDIA the GeForce GT 750M + the intel HD 4600
reference price: 18,699 yuan

Or a belt alone significantly Laptop , XPS from Dell 15 (XPS15D-6828T). XPS series has been Dell’s high-end sub-brand, this series has many high-quality, high-level design and technology. Dell XPS 15 is by the advent of a comparison with Apple products, this set of the video game, this lightweight portable, tablet Laptop as one of the super pole this how to become assistant designers, we look down together.

Dell XPS 15 (XPS15D-6828T) picture series of evaluation forums offer online shopping Nett

Dell XPS 15 uses anodized aluminum material, C surface is the use of skin-like coating, so whether it is visually or feel are first-class. The machine is full of modern minimalist design sense, the edge of the sleek line design for the Dell XPS 15’s large size body is also very delicate. Aluminum body in addition to fashion sense with more robust and tough features. Body thickness of 18mm, weighing about 2.01kg.


Screen, Dell XPS15 configuration is 15.6 inches ultra-high light-transmissive glass glossy screen resolutions up to 3200 × 1800, not only increase the viewing angle, also supports the ten-point touch features for designers presenting perfect Of the picture quality, high-brightness design and exquisite image rendering is a good helper for the designer. Corning Gorilla NBT glass, greatly enhanced the ruggedness of this Laptop screen, and large-screen design to reduce the number of operational errors, “Hand residual party” who can rest assured that use.


Keyboard, the Dell XPS15 is equipped with a Dell classic arc-shaped backlit chocolate keyboard, keycap large, key length, keyboard percussion is very good, C surface layout between the buttons is very reasonable and difficult to issue into the wrong situation. The keypad is designed with a special key that can be used to adjust the brightness. Palm-like part of the skin-like coating so soft touch a lot, even in the cold winter will not give the user cool ice touch, touchpad with a one-piece design, left and right keys in the middle of a small vertical line, Error operation, very sensitive to support multi-touch.


XPS 15 is equipped with three USB 3.0 ports and a USB 2.0 interface, and the 2.0 interface also supports PowerShare function, after the shutdown for mobile phones and other mobile devices. In addition, this product also has a Mini DisplayPort, 1 Ge HDMI, a 3-in-1 card reader . Interface is very rich, able to fully meet the daily needs of the use.


Hardware configuration, XPS 15 equipped with a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 -4712HQ processor, built-in Intel HD 4600 Core Graphics, 2GB of memory and NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M discrete graphics give the user a powerful image processing capability, while the 16GB memory plus 512GB of solid-state drives allow XPS 15 was even better, designers can work it perfectly acceptable.


PConline portfolio – Specifications
Brand Dell
series Dell XPS 15 (9530) series
model XPS15D-6828T
processor Intel Core i7-4702HQ (2.2GHz / L3 6M)
Memory Capacity 16 GB
Hard drive capacity 512GB
screen size 15.6 inches
Graphics chip NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M, + intel HD 4600
Wireless communication 802.11b / g / n wireless card, Bluetooth 4.0
USB 1 USB2.0, 3 USB3.0
Card reader Three in one card reader
Other interfaces HDMI interface, Mini DisplayPort, headphone / microphone jack, RJ45, DC power jack, security keyhole
weight About 2.01 kg
operating system Windows 8.1
Product Links Http://
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IT Mall Net purchase cost
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Edit Comment: Dell XPS 15 although the price is not the route to go close to the people, but its performance is very good. In addition to the hardware configuration on the heart, the Dell XPS 15 in the details of the design is also full of sincerity, from the keyboard design to back the use of skin-like coating, can bring users a very delicate sense of experience. For the design is a good model is oh.

Product Overview Dell (the DELL) | Dell XPS 15 (9530) series | More Laptop
Dell XPS 15 (XPS15D-6828T)
Dell XPS 15 (XPS15D-6828T)
Operating system: the Windows 8.1 Processor: the Intel Core i7-4702HQ (2.2GHz / 6M L3)
Memory capacity: 16GB Hard drive capacity: 512GB
Screen size: 15.6 inches Resolution: 3200 × 1800
User Rating: 3.3 parameters offer pictures reviews Reviews Forum Dealer

4 Apple MacBook Pro 13 Retina (MGX72CH / A )
Recommended products: the MacBook Pro the Retina 13 (MGX72CH / the A)
hardware configuration: Intel Core i5-4278U / 8GB / 128GB / Intel Iris 5100
Reference Price: 8699 yuan

Apple series Laptop has been in the industry has a high voice, good reputation, workmanship and performance have been recognized by consumers. Today recommended this the MacBook Pro 13 is ideal for the Retina standing trend of cutting-edge designers use, whether it is good industrial design or Mac OS X systems, are enough suction eye.

MacBook Pro
Apple MacBook Pro 13 Retina (MGX72CH / A ) Image series of evaluation forums offer online shopping Nett

Workmanship is absolutely no question of this fine product, the MacBook Pro series of books has become a more stable design structure, body smooth lines silver, stylish atmosphere, although there is no MacBook Air series so thin, but The MacBook Pro does not have a clumsy relationship. The “all-in-one-piece process” avoids problems such as cracks, imperfect lacerations, and tedious assembly during parts assembly, reducing the need for unnecessary parts and making the product Become lighter and thinner. Apple LOGO on the cover lit, the moment to enhance the lattice.

MacBook Pro

Screen, this MacBook Pro 13 is equipped with a 13.3-inch Retina display with a resolution of 2560 × 1600. Retina display technology can be more pixels will be compressed into a screen, so as to achieve higher resolution and improve the screen display of the degree of sophistication. So that everything looks more clear, more vivid. Clear and sharp text, vivid colors. Photos and videos are full of detail. Is the designer of the work of artifacts.

MacBook Pro

Keyboard, the Apple series of products in order to ensure the light so there are restrictions on the key process, resulting in MacBook Pro 13 slightly percussion sense of soft, but this will see the wisdom of the eyes of the beholder, and automatically adjust the brightness of the backlight keyboard or Very practical. Touchpad features a very comprehensive, responsive and delicate touch, can replace the mouse operation, to carry out when used to save a lot of trouble.

MacBook Pro

Interface left MacBook Pro were MagSafe 2 charging ports, two the Thunderbolt 2 ports, a USB 3.0 interface, 3.5mm headphone jack and two microphone hole; on the right also has a USB 3.0 port, a HDMI output and full-size SD card slot .

Hardware, MacBook Pro equipped with a powerful Intel Core i5-4278U processor, the use of Turbo Boost Core frequency technology can be upgraded to 3.1GHz, absolutely capable of everyday and work purposes; and Intel Iris Graphics 5100 Is a mid-range graphics performance, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M can be comparable.

PConline portfolio – Specifications
Brand apple
series Apple MacBook Pro 13 Retina (Haswell) series
model MacBook Pro 13 Retina (MGX72CH / A)
processor Intel Core i5-4278U (2.6GHz / L3 3M)
Memory Capacity 8GB
Hard drive capacity 128GB
Optical drive type No optical drive
screen size 13.3 inches
Graphics chip Intel Iris 5100
Wireless communication 802.11a / b / g / n wireless card, Bluetooth 4.0
USB 2 USB3.0
Card reader Built-in
Other interfaces HDMI interface, sound output hole, DC power jack, two Thunderbolt2 port
weight About 1.57 kg
operating system MAC OS X
Product Links Http://
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IT Mall Net purchase cost
More details Photos quotation parameters Compare User Reviews evaluation Quote
Editorial comment: the MacBook Pro with the Retina screen will allow more designers go, excellent industrial design is also the designer of choice, this outstanding Laptop configuration and performance is absolutely not afraid of any one design software, designers Please point for the Apple praise.

Summary: Today Kaka for the design of a large selection of coffee were four books, Asus UX501JW, the Dell XPS 15, Lenovo ThinkPad S3 Yoga and Apple Pro the MacBook 13 the Retina. The basic design software they can easily control, you can choose according to their own needs, if you are demanding on the screen you can choose the Retina Apple MacBook Pro 13, if you think deformation can help you show the design work can choose Lenovo Flip S3 the ThinkPad Yoga and so on. I hope that designers choose their favorite books, design a better work!

About Sony Xperia XZ

Sony Xperia XZ Hardware parameters

Xperia XZ contrast Xperia X Compact
Phone name Xperia XZ Xperia X Compact
CPU Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 Qualcomm Xiao Long 652
ROM 32GB support for expansion
screen 5.2 inches 1080p 424ppi 4.6 inches 720p 320ppi
camera Rear: 23 million pixels (F2.0)
Front: 13MP Rear: 23 million pixels (F2.0)
Front: 500 million pixels
system Android 6.0.1
size and weight 156 * 72 * 8.1 mm 161 g 129 * 65 * 9.5 mm 135 g
battery capacity 2900mAh support fast charge 2700mAh support fast charge
The internet Unicom 2/3 / 4G / 4G +, mobile 2 / 4G, Telecom 4G (need to debug)
Special feature IP65 / IP68, high resolution audio, fingerprint recognition High resolution audio, fingerprint recognition
Listing price unknown unknown
Xperia XZ equipped with a Qualcomm flagship Xiaolong 820 processor, 3GB RAM +32 GB ROM, the camera in the rear 23 million pixels / front 13 million pixel camera, built-in 2900mAh battery fast charge, while the Xperia X Compact configuration comparison Lower.

Designs: texture toxic, adding blue color version
In the design above, Xperia XZ and exposure before the picture is similar to the back of a large area with a metal material, different from the previous Xperia Z series has been used in the double glass panel design. Slightly curved edge of the screen, coupled with a narrow border design, so that the first look and feel like the early Nokia Lumia series somewhat similar.


However, this design is not the first time in the Xperia series models above, before the Xperia X and X Performance has seen this style, and metal fuselage can be said to be among the current trend of smart phones.

Sony Xperia XZ

Front cover 5.2 inch 1080P display, with the built-in X-Reality image rendering engine has a variety of display modes, colorful and moving effect.


Bottom with Type-C USB port, the machine supports Qnovo adaptation charging mode (quick charge is also supported), by monitoring and adjusting the charge current so that the battery can be more healthy functioning , and its service life extended to about twice the original (Maintenance procedures according to the user’s usual habits to control the current, in order to avoid over-charging), while the battery capacity of 2900mAh.

Sony Xperia XZ

Metal back design brings excellent feel, in addition to the classic funky phantom black and silver streamer, Xperia XZ Recently there is a popular blue – quiet blue . Phone also supports waterproof (protection level IP65 / IP68), fingerprint sensor power key located on the side, unlock faster.


Post-2300 megapixel camera is a big selling point of the Sony Xperia XZ, focusing on image sensor technology with a new triple ( Exmor for the RS Mobile image sensors, laser sensors and focus RGBC-IR sensor ).

2 Sony Xperia XZ Reviews: landmark camera, Snapdragon 820
Camera performance: a breakthrough in the field of mobile imaging, black technology again struck
Sony Xperia XZ camera performance expectations, the machine claims to have Xperia’s best picture quality, from a number of aspects of the upgrade. Pre 13 million pixel camera (stack sensor, 22mm wide-angle), rear camera 23 million pixels (the stack sensor, 24mm wide-angle), has a new triple image sensor technology, respectively Exmor RS for mobile image sensor, laser AF sensor and RGBC-IR sensor .


Body built-in Sony’s original Exmor RS for mobile image sensor with predictive coke function, intelligent prediction and tracking of moving objects, and add laser focus to enhance the speed of photography. Sony Xperia XZ is also equipped with RGBC-IR sensor (color technology as the core), which can accurately adjust the white balance according to ambient light, color reproduction more accurate. On the other hand, in order to enhance the success rate of shooting video, the phone is also equipped with Smart Start mode SteadyShot function, supports five-axis image stabilization, but still in the stage of the electronic image stabilization .

Xperia XZ

Xperia XZ

Xperia XZ

Indoor environment which was taken, the sample still maintain a high purity, that control noise performance. In the white balance above the reduction of accurate comparison, which benefited from the revolutionary RGBC-IR sensor to join, the color performance is more natural.

Hardware performance: 3GB +3 GB configuration may allow domestic users regret
Sony Xperia XZ high-end Andrews models used among the common Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 processor, based on 14nm FinFET LPP process technology to create, built-in 4 * Kryo autonomous architecture core, the highest frequency up to 2.15GHz (two of the highest frequency core 1.6GHz), built-in Adreno 530 GPU, integrated X12 LTE baseband.

Galaxy S7 evaluation


Storage With the above, the Sony Xperia XZ hardware performance may focus on the domestic consumer disappointment, with 3GB RAM +32 GB ROM with the support of up to 256GB Micro SD card expansion.

to sum up

Well, if the netizens after reading the article, that Xiaobian is a cable on the wrong, but Xiao Bian childhood childhood life in the Sony empire as the boss of consumer electronics age, and now Sony products still have a different kind of awe . In fact, the Xperia XZ is not a surprise, but compared to other brands of Andrews models or even to design the iPhone family, Sony Xperia XZ is still a template for everyone to learn.


Surprise is the Sony Xperia XZ shooting performance in the top gives a lot of surprises, and even some of the first mobile phone imaging field (such as RGBC-IR sensor), the software also changed Sony’s style does not attach importance to join Learning-based features (Qnovo adaptive charging mode), perhaps Xperia XZ Sony mobile phone is an important step towards change it.