iGame1070 Snake Graphics Card Review

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Game and graphics card development has always been closely linked and promote each other, to the “gaming” entered our field of vision, when there have been hardware manufacturers and gaming clan mutual cooperation relations, as in the adidas Soccer team, YONEX of the badminton team, the first form of gaming industry cooperation is the brand naming power competition team, product packaging printed on the power competition team name, marked “XX clan designated products”; Gigabyte and Wong Sky, Sky’s ID is WE.GIGABYTE.Sky, to increase brand exposure. But today, between them has been developed to further influence the relationship, for example, this card – Colorful iGame1070 flames Ares X Snake customized version .


Customized products for the Snake clan are not just stickers


Piece Colorful iGame1070 flames Ares X Snake customized version is based on the original iGame1070 flames Ares X PCB board, completely redesigned shape and material from the radiator, the appearance is really very good, silver tone, three-fan thermal design, the middle Fan iGame color LOGO, both sides of the fan is Snake clan LOGO, the most special is the middle fan of the frame, and gold gear-like very engaging.


LOL, keep watch avant-garde game enthusiasts should be very familiar with this clan, and they do not do too much of the introduction.

Although this customization will not have an immediate impact on graphics performance, but for the electric athletes, he can feel the “boss” on their own attention and recognition in the game will be more focused and investment. (I know some people will say that this does not make sense, but Imagine, you play football on a wide field when wearing a genuine Barcelona jersey and wearing an ordinary white sports T shirt to sweat, I feel really no difference ?)



Colorful iGame1070 flames Ares X TOP Snake customized version of the Specification Comparison
Graphics card IGame1070 Snake Custom Edition NVIDIA GTX1070
Core code GP104 GP104
Number of transistors 7.2 billion 7.2 billion
Craftsmanship 16nm 16nm
Stream processor 1920 1920
Texture unit 160 160
ROPs 64 64
Memory capacity 8GB 8GB
Memory interface 256Bit 256Bit
Core frequency 1658-1860 MHz 1506-1683 MHz
Memory frequency 8008 MHz 8008 MHz
External power supply 8 + 8Pin 8Pin
Because the vast majority of parameters are the core decision, the manufacturer can do only the core frequency and memory frequency, the core frequency, this piece of Snake custom version frequency slightly higher than the original Flame Ares X (1607-1797), can Colorful Although the original use of the PCB board, but also non-static, or do the tuning tuning.

JD quoted at 3,999 yuan, much higher than the flames of God X 3299 yuan, limited to 200, like the limited edition custom star shoes? In fact, people are more and more able to accept when the gaming, some of the top hardware manufacturers will be the status of development as today’s sports equipment brand, and perhaps five years, ten years after the players can see the store Berserk limited edition hardware, peripherals of the scene.

2 Dismantling: Luxury upgrade radiator
● dismantling: radiator luxury upgrade

IGame 1070 Snake
Start dismantling

IGame 1070 Snake
Remove the heat sink

IGame 1070 Snake IGame 1070 Snake
heat sink

IGame1070 Snake customized version of the radiator material is very luxurious, straight copper & four very thick copper heat pipe, also rare in the GTX1070 rival, this part of the material is more than the original Flame Ares X upgrade a lot, so only To lift to a higher frequency of emboldened. And according to the size of this cooling, the cooling effect will be very good.

IGame 1070 Snake
PCB board positive

And Flame Ares X is the same piece of PCB board, is lengthened PCB board, IPP inductor layout is quite neat, one side of the IGAME faith lamp. In fact, and GTX1080 is the same PCB board and materials, the difference is the core and memory.


Graphics with 8 +2 phase IPP digital power supply program. Self-developed IPP (iGame Pure Power) to pure power inductors. One-piece construction, shielding shell and inductor core link, with the same size under the lowest DC impedance, up to 5MHz application frequency, high electronic impedance, ultra-low operating temperature and lower EMI electromagnetic interference characteristics.


Graphics work, the graphics card on the front of the light will be on, you can adjust the color through the corresponding software iGame.


GP-104 core surrounded by 8 1GB of memory, composed of a total of 8GB memory / 256bit bit wide, is the largest memory capacity of one of the game cards, large memory capacity in the game when running high-resolution and more easily.

IGame 1070 Snake
Magnesium light memory chip

Found a little flames of war with God X different places, the memory from the Samsung into a magnesium light, but the same frequency, the performance is no different.

3 Properties Found: small public version
● Description of the test platform:

Hardware platform
CPU Intel i7-6700K
Motherboard Gigabyte Z170 motherboard
RAM A-DATA XPG Veyron DDR4-2400MHz 8Gx2
hard disk DATA just SP550 480GB
power supply Zhenhua iceberg Kingdee 1300W
Graphics card
Colorful iGame 1070 flame wars X Snake customized version of
the NVIDIA GTX 1080
the NVIDIA 1070 GTX
the NVIDIA 1060 GTX
the AMD RX480
software platform
operating system Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Graphics driver The GeForce 376.19 the NVIDIA
the AMD Crimson Edition 16.12.1
Platform Description: testing platform uses consumer-grade platform Z170 + 6700K top with this test a total of selected 5 graphics comparison test, namely the AMD RX480, the NVIDIA GTX1080 / 1070/1060 , driver side of the AMD Crimson Edition and the NVIDIA ForceWare 376.19 WHQL.

● 3DMark theory test:

Running graphics or the old rules, a start and look 3DMARK theoretical results, including three, Time Spy, Ultra, Extreme . Yes, the following are a key to accelerate the results after! In order to form a concise, abbreviated as iGame1070 Snake, by the way Tucao about this long name.



The results are not surprising, slightly higher than the public version of GTX1070, under the GTX1080, which is the generation of all non-public version of GTX1070 escape the outcome, because the old yellow BOOST 3.0 has all the same core graphics Performance on the differences reduced to negligible, so we pick a 10 series graphics card, the more from the brand, appearance, cooling, warranty point of view to consider slightly, which has said many times, and No longer winded.

● game performance measured:

Game testing

1070 Snake

1070 Snake

Game testing

1070 Snake

1070 Snake

Game testing

1070 Snake


Game Test Summary: iGame1070 Snake customized version of the performance slightly stronger than the public version of the GTX1070, basically every game has several frames of the upgrade, but the greater significance of non-public products is the cooling and mute effect. And this customized version of the card is also more of a custom meaning, and finally a simple comment on comments.

4 temperature noise control are praised
● Platform power test:


Power Test Summary: Due to PCB shared with iGame1070 flame wars X, its former power and performance equivalent to or even higher than GTX1080, but for such 8 + 8Pin 8 + 2 phase power supply and powered stacker luxury products, It is normal.

● Full load temperature test:


Measured after full load temperature is only 66 ℃, and the radiator speed is still relatively low, indicating that this ultra-luxurious custom radiator effect is still very obvious, the temperature control in the non-public version of GTX1070 are first-class level.

● Full load noise test:


Just also tested, this card is not loaded with high temperature, so the fan speed has been at a low speed, so the noise is only 44.5 dB, is better controlled, and praise.

About Noise:
0-20 dB: very quiet, almost feel; 20-40 dB: Quiet, like a whisper softly; 40-60 dB: ordinary indoor conversation; 60-70 decibels: noisy: lossy nerve; 70– 90 dB: very noisy, nerve cells are destroyed. 90 -100 dB: increased noise, hearing loss; 100 -120 dB: intolerable, stay a minute that is temporary deafness. 120 dB or more: extreme deafness or deafness; 300 dB or more: a radius of 20km of irreparable deafness.
5 PConline evaluation room summary
● PConline graphics ladder Figure:


Because all aspects are stronger than the public version of the GTX1070, but not reach the location of GTX1080, so in between.

PConline evaluation room summary:

IGame 1070 Snake

In fact, this piece of iGame1070 Snake customized version of the graphics performance, temperature control is relatively good, and do not want to evaluate too much in these two aspects, but the Beastmaster that its greater significance lies in the real embodiment of the Rainbow iGame series of ideas – Player customization. Snake clan power player as the most outstanding “players” (not to mention the level of this team in the industry performance, but since they can become professional players, their level must be in the majority of players in the top 1% of the position) , So they “equipment” is certainly higher than the requirements of ordinary players, as Lin Dan on the racket requirements, to meet the needs of high-intensity use of professional players, then this card will be able to meet the needs of the vast majority of ordinary players .

Say the meaning of the Rainbow, the current graphics market is very easy to encounter homogeneity of the problem, because the core of the things we are the same, are determined by the core, although the core is also divided into many Step, the higher the limit Step The higher the frequency, the higher the cost, but the performance gap has not been so obvious before the 9 series. Performance of this road has been bad to go, the manufacturers in order to “homogenization” of the quagmire to get out, we must find their own way, Colorful “player custom” is one of them.

IGame 1070 Snake

Just as Manchester United fans are willing to go to the Manchester Stadium to spend high price to buy genuine jerseys, power competition team if you can play good results in the league, circle to a big wave of fans, then the signing of the brand hardware manufacturers can also enjoy this wave of fans economy, Custom products will have its market, there will be willing to pay for its premium fans of the user. And just, this team can be regarded as a Rainbow Snake Bao Bao in the treasure, the most recent period is said to have very good results, has become a very popular clan, fan groups can not be overlooked.

Beastmaster that the Rainbow adhere to this road is right, and now may not have a clear return, but with the “gaming” is gradually being accepted as the traditional sports, the market returns will be very impressive.